100% Top-Grade Natural Sturgeon Caviar
From sturgeons living in their natural environment
Direct from conditioning to your table
No intermediaries, therefore at half the public price
Freshness guarantees
No Artificial Coloring & Flavoring
All our caviar are vacuum packed


We Have Optimized Our Supply Chain, in order to:
• Bring you the freshest products, at all times
• Lower the product cost, and increase your added value
• Minimize the risk of supply bottlenecks (product shortages)

Kopitz Caviar

From the most modern facilities for Caviar repacking in Europe to the ideal storage and distribution methods for seafood products, we adhere to the strictest EEC regulations, the toughest in the world.

Finest Quality

Our sturgeons live in their natural environment. They have the space they need to move around freely, to feed naturally and they spawn deep in the water. They give you a caviar with firm grains and a unique taste quality, the favourite of our top chefs. Our Iranian experts, who live on site, select and produce this semi-wild caviar using their traditional know-how, just as they did 30 years ago.

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Kopitz Caviar

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